Here are a few reviews from some of my beautiful clients!

Krystle Cabaltera — Ok, seriously. I did my research and held out for at least a year until I found Krystal and her work. I had my expectations of course, but she EXCEEDED them! I have eyebrows again! And beautiful natural looking ones! Not to mention my eyeliner. No more walking out of the house w "no makeup" and having people say I look tired or sick haha. Thank you so much!!

Tammy Peterson — She was amazing .... She was very informative.. Ill definitely be seeing her again... Thanks girl... Your awesome.... It was a pleasure meeting you!

Shawna Sinclair — Awesome lady she definitely knew her stuff was very thorough on instructions and I am very satisfied with her work! Her office was clean with a very comfortable atmosphere! It didn't even hurt!!!! I'm definitely going back for more! Tweezing hurt more than this!

Idaho Scarlett — After many years of thinking and waiting to get my permanent makeup done, I wen to Krystal, so glad I made this decision, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed, she used the SofTap method on me and it was virtually painless, and I highly recommend Krystal, very professional and caring of what you need and want. You rock Krystal....

Stephanie Taylor — You should see my mom!!! Her eyes just shine now. Maxing work!

Shawna Kay Riach — The best permanent make up ever. I love my eye liner.. it looks amazing!!!

Stephene Ingham — Krystal rocks! She is most amazing when it comes to perfect shapes for my eyebrows and lips!

Natalie Gorsuch Piccola — Thank you so much for my New Lips! You are the best!!!!! I feel so pretty!

Emilee Fortin — Just got eyeliner top & bottom done today... I was super nervous but it went fantastic!! The procedure itself was almost 100% pain free! I think that was partially due to the fact that Krystal took her time and did the procedure correctly. My eyes look amazing and I am so glad I did it! This method for permanent makeup is the only way to go!

Brooke Lyn Lisby — Ive been waiting to finally get my eyebrows fixed do to over plucking at a young age.. im so blessed I got referred to her by a close family memeber cause I dont have to worry about wiping off my eyebrow this summer.. yes I was very picky with my shape but Krystal was very patient and understanding... I honestly just about passed out from being so relaxed.. shes truly amazing and will be telling everyone about her!!!!!!